• About Koji

    Koji Nishiyama was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan. After completing his civil engineering degree, he decided to pursue his long time passion – acting. He came to New York in 2009 where he graduated from New York Film Academy acting program. He then joined Samurai Sword Soul theater company where he trained in sword fighting. He has been working and performing with them ever since.


    Koji is not a stranger to dramatic, action and comedic roles. Theatre credits include She-Wolf, Assassin, The Wrestler, Red Bull and The Infinite Spirits. Film credits include Bounty Warz, Vampire Hunter, Afro Samurai, Chase and Wax Museum. Koji’s hunger for new knowledge and experiences encourages him to continuously advance in his acting career.

  • Action Bootcamp

    NYC-based stage combat class

    Action Bootcamp is designed to teach actors safety techniques, conditioning, and how to maximize the look of their performance on camera. Koji draws upon his years of experience as a stunt performer to offer detailed advice and exciting choreography to his students.


    Koji is also offering private classes and workshops.


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  • News

    highlights from the past few years


    • Choreographer and Body Double in Master Yoshi's Terrible Day by award winning Director Ken Lin
    • Lead role in Samurai Sword Soul's Sakura Matsuri performances
    • Stunt Performer in I Can Change commercial by Jim Jenkins


    • Stunt Performer in Gotham, Ep. 4+5, Orc Knight, Luke Cage, Ep. 2, Made in China Town, Jessica Jones Ep. 3
    • Samurai, Nogu Svelo! Music Video by Maksim Pokrovsky
    • Lead role in Samurai Sword Soul's Sakura Matsuri performances
    • Lead role in Revenge, a performance at Gala Stunt Women United Network by Akihiro Haga



    • Lead role in Samurai Sword Soul's Sakura Matsuri performances
    • Lead role in Samuraido by Akihiro Haga
    • Stunt Double, Beneath Fiery Skies by Adam Hayes



    Production Stills / Behind the Scenes

  • Nogu Svelo! - Samurai

    Music Video


    Short Action Film

    Stunt Demo for 247star Gym

    United Airlines, Your Gateway to the World


    Role: Sushi Chef, 0:08

    Behind the Scenes: Samurai Sword Soul's Sakura Matsuri Festival

    Documentary, Direcor: Jacob Iritani

    Samurai Sword Class

    Behind the Scenes


    Music Video, Direcor: Sandy Chase

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